How is Fast Food Ethical?

Fast food is considered a major factor that has led to the "overweight epidemic" in the United States. More fast food can be found in the US than anywhere in the world. However, the low cost of fast food is also a major source of "stable food" for lower-income families. This raises the question, is fast food ethical? 


How Would the Founding Fathers React to Modern Politics?

The original goal of the founding fathers was that politics would remain a place for compromises and decisions that favor the entire country. However, due to the highly polarized political climate, compromises are becoming even harder. This raises the question, how would the founding fathers react to the current political climate? 


How Accurate is the History Students Learn in School?

There have disputes over what content should be taught in school for decades. The interesting fact here is that history is not the same worldwide. One country might portray history slightly differently than another. This is due to several reasons: countries trying to "cover up" their pasts, differing opinions, and even denial of events. This raises the question how accurate is the history taught in classrooms around the world?  


What is the Correlation Between Suicide Rates and the GPA System? 

For the past several years, there has been a push to discontinue the GPA system. It has been proven to not help students academically grow whereas several other methods have shown better results in learning. GPA is where a single number determines the success of a student's academics. It is a 2D representation of a much more complicated situation. GPA has proven to lead to greater stress which then raises the question what is the correlation between GPA and suicide rates?